Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Night Single Parenting

Another post in the continuing theme of "woe is me," but "woe much more to those more unlucky than me."

My spouse is a CRM archaeologist and is currently in the field about four hours from home.  This means that she's hunkered down in a hotel at the moment.  Which puts me at home with our two four years old and the other two.  I'm lucky enough that I'm in between semesters at work, so the workload is a bit diminished.  Nevertheless, coming home to feed, enrich, entertain and ensleep (I'm clumsily going for alliteration here) the two little humans has me beat, and I know I just have to do it again in the morning, and for another two weeks.

But, there is an end in sight and I have what is really a very cushy gig.  Those single parents who have to actually punch clocks, maybe many different clocks, and at non-traditional working hours have what seems to be an untenable and unsustainable burden. It's enough to make one really reflect on how--despite lip service about family values--our cultural, economic, social and political environment demeans the importance and effort needed to successfully manage a household and raise children.  I'm in complete agreement that economic restructuring is needed to compensate that effort (see Pay People to Cook at Home from Sunday's New York Times).

After all, even capitalists need a new generation of children who've been fed and socialized well-enough to become future cogs in tomorrow's workforce.

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