Monday, October 3, 2011

Shameless Parental Promotion: New Title Image

Yes, the new title photo is of one of my children. That’s the main reason it’s there, but there are more. At the level of graphic design, I think it’s a very good picture of him in which he looks like an especially thoughtful one year old and its composition nicely balances it with the site’s title.

At a conceptual level, my children are major inspirations for this blog. Staying at home with them over the summer drove me to seek an outlet for me to think about things other than diapers and playgrounds. And, my relatively new role as a father has encouraged me to reconsider my experience as a recipient and purveyor of the symbols of my culture. While I never really was, I am definitely not now a passive receptacle, but a major agent of my children’s enculturation.

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